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Maitri Sangha
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Club Name : Maitri Sangha.
Founded : 16th April 1953.
Founder : Let. Amarendra Nath Biswas(Haruda), Sadhan Sen Sarma, Let. Haripada Paul, Mahalchand Baid, Shantiranjan Kar, Ashutosh Bhoumik.
Let. Biswanath Banik (Death : 28th July 2006),
In 1969 Cooch Behar Maitri Sangha Organised a big cultural night of the famous Singers Hemanta Mukharjee, Nirmalendu Choudhury etc.
In 1978 Maitri Sangha (Cooch Behar) Organised Musical Night of Manna Dey.
In 1980 Cooch Behar Maitri Sangha Organised The Cultural Night of the Femous Singer Sri Bhupen Hazarika.
In 1983 The Club Authority Organised A Musical Wonder Night of KISHORE KUMAR with Amit Kumar, Usha Utthup, Lina Chandwarkar.
In 1986 The Maitri Sangha of Cooch Behar Organised a Musical Night of Lata Mungeshkar, Sailendra Singh, Subbir Kumar, Suresh Wadkar, Harish Vimani and also a Classical Dance group of Bollywood Film Industries Femous Actress Hema Malini for all the cultural public of Cooch Behar.
All These Cultural Programe held on there own Club Ground, only Last Two Programme held on Cooch Behar Palace Ground.
Sports : Every Year Cooch Behar Maitri Sangha Conduct a big sporting event, Every Second year this club organise the event of Volly Ball Championship.
In 2003, Club organised the 49th State Volly Ball Championship for Men & W-Men's Senior Event.
In 1993, Cooch Behar Maitri Sangha Appear as a great relief squad, when a natural desister (Flood) destroyed a wide area of West Bengal (India).
With the Drug Control Section, Govt. of West Bengal. this Club carries the relief operation till seven days.
They supplied Food, Medicine, Fast Aid, Garments for all the flood effected people.
In the Club Area there is a Junior Basic School (Anjuman). the Club helps this school.
Maitri Sangha Mainten the haritage garden of Cooch Behar (The Haritage City).

Maitri Sangha Devi Murthi

Maitri Sangha Club House
Maitri Sangha Devi Mandir


Technically Supported by Prosenjit Sehanabish. (ISHWAR), Cooch Behar.
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